[time 370] Re: [time 366] What is Information?

Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
Sat, 29 May 1999 19:55:32 -0400

Hi Al,
        It is good to read your comments. :) To all subscribers: Al is a friend
of local mine and is interested in Clifford algebras and holography
ideas, among other things... ;) I look forward to a good discussion.

Al Martel wrote:
> (AM) I am comming to this time page with a different mind set. My forte is
> electronics,computers,engineering,chemistry and training. I started out to
> attend MIT and major in chemical engineering and ended up in electronics
> and computers via the military. Needless to say that 43 years later I am
> still there. Even though I never spent much time in a college classroom
> (sorry=most classes are boaring) I have spent many hours of quiet time
> reading many areas. Believe me when I say that I am very strong in some
> areas and very weak in others. However in whatever area I choose to tackle
> I have very strong analitical capabilities and a very origional way of
> looking at things. This time list may allow me use my inate talents. I hope
> that you folks will put up with me long enough so that I may possible be
> able to contribute something useful to this endeavor.I an really not trying
> to blow my oun horn as these characterstics are not of my saying but are
> actually the result of psychological testing over the last 30 years=nothing
> has really changed.All Ireally am trying to do is help solve a problem in
> the best way that I know how.So if I appear to be out in left field kindly
> put me back on tract as Ireally will not have a problem with it.Sorry about
> the typing-I really do not know how to type and really do not care to
> learn. I would perfer audio/visual. I really feel that would save most of
> us a lot of time. Sorry about the long winded expose but I felt that if I
> were to open my mouth you should know a little who is doing the talking. I
> will get back to the mathematics of what we are really trying to do but
> before I depart I would like to ask a question.
> The question may not really be what is information really is but why we
> really have access to what we perceive to be information. It seams to me
> that if we have access to any information at all is due to the illusion
> that the hubble constant seems to tell us that the universe is expanding
> thus allowing us access to more information or just information in general.
> It may be quite possible that the the real reason it appears to be
> expanding may be due not to the hubble constant at all but due to the fact
> that we as a carbon based product collectively wish it to be so that we may
> continue to exist as a carbon based product until we are able to evolve to
> a higher level that does not require us to exist as we presently exist today.

        Umm, the expansion as a "reaction" to Life's survival instinct?
Interesting! :)
> If this is really true it would interesting to know why we are allowed to
> exercise some control over how the universe evolves and how we could evolve
> to a higher level and still remain human beings.

        I think you would like Howard Pattee's work:
http://ssie.binghamton.edu/~pattee/ :) It is a strange thing to think of
exactly "what" is meant by "human being"! :)
> Semper Altior====Al



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