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Matti Pitkanen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 13:48:05 +0300 (EET DST)

Here is the address... http://members.tripod.com/~EshlemanW/ , it should
working now. I am sorry to have taken so long to reply.

As to MWs communication, here is what is on the FAQ linked at my site.

        Is physics linear?
        Could we ever communicate with the other worlds?
        Why do I only ever experience one world?
        Why am I not aware of the world (and myself) splitting?
        According to our present knowledge of physics whilst it is
possible to
        detect the presence of other nearby worlds, through the existence
        interference effects, it is impossible travel to or communicate
        them. Mathematically this corresponds to an empirically verified
        property of all quantum theories called linearity. Linearity
        that the worlds can interfere with each other with respect to an
        external, unsplit, observer or system but the interfering worlds
        influence each other in the sense that an experimenter in one of
        worlds can arrange to communicate with their own, already
        quantum copies in other worlds.

        Specifically, the wave equation is linear, with respect to the
        wavefunction or state vector, which means that given any two
        of the wavefunction, with identical boundary conditions, then any
        combination of the solutions is another solution. Since each
        of a linear solution evolves with complete indifference as to the
        presence or absence of the other terms/solutions then we can
        that no experiment in one world can have any effect on another
        experiment in another world. Hence no communication is possible
        quantum worlds. (This type of linearity mustn't be confused with
        evident non-linearity of the equations with respect to the

        Non communication between the splitting Everett-worlds also
explains why
        we are not aware of any splitting process, since such awareness
        communication between worlds. To be aware of the world splitting
        would have to be receiving sensory information from, and thereby
        by the reverse process, more than one world. This would enable
        communication between worlds, which is forbidden by linearity.
Ergo, we
        are not aware of any splitting precisely because we are split into
        non-interfering copies along with the rest of the world.
        See also "Is linearity exact?"

[MP] The splitting process is something which multi-universalistist do not
specify precisely. Precisely how this splitting occurs? Does it occur
every moment of time? Which is the orthonormal basis in which each
component Psi_n is expressed at given moment of splitting so that every
component represents new split world? It would seem that there must be
some preferred basis but which is this basis?

My own view is that 'splitting' occurs in the following sense. During each
quantum jump state Psi_i, superposition of macroscopically equivalent
spacetime surfaces, develops unitarily to UPsi_i, in which macroscopically
non-equivalent 4-surfaces appear. This is followed by quantum jump
to state Psi_f, which is again superposition of macroscopically equivalent

UPsi_i would indeed split into superposition of states Psi_f^n, which
all are superpositions of macroscopically equivalent spacetime surfaces.
The unique basis would be defined by eigenstates of density matrices for
various selves (p-adically unentangled subsystems). Each split branch
would be unconscious. The moment of consciousness associated with
UPsi_i-->Psi_f selects one from the superposition of split worlds.


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