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> > Hi Matti,
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> > Is the article that you saw?
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> Yes. This article was the article that inspired me to learn about Riemann
> hypothesis.
> Some comments below.
> > Later,

Still a comment about primes. I realized that there is indeed rather precise
between Berry's supersymmetric theory and arithmetic quantum field theory if
the hypothesis about rationality of p^(iy) holds true.

a) Basic requirement is that the diagonal time development operator U(t) is
complex rational
valued for the allowed durations of time evolution. This implies that time
operator makes sense also as p-adic number for p mod 4=3.

b) In Berry's theory allowed durations of time evolution are log(n), n
integer and energys
are given by E=y, 1/2+iy zero of Riemann zeta.

c) In arithemetic QFT allowed durations of time evolution are y, and
energies are log(n).

It would seems that these theories are duals of each other.


b) y corresponds

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