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Apply Quantum Principle with Caution
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  Hi Stephen and all,

   it seems that experimentalists begin to take critical attitudes on the basic interpretation
  of quantum theory. Year or so ago an experimental proof for the failure of
  Bohr's explanation of results of the double slit experiment in terms of uncertainty
  principle was published. Now the classical-quantum correspondence principle is

  My conviction is that standard correspondence principle is a wrong manner to connect
  quantum theory to classical theory. In quantum field theory saddle point approximation in which
  functional integral is developed perturbatively around classical solutions of field equations
  is assumed to give correspondence with classical field theory. This principle is however
  empty since the functional integral does not exist mathematically. The principle fails
  in case of fermions completely since no classical limit exists.

  The basis failure is to think that classical theory is only an approximation.
   As I have explained thousand and one times classical theory is essential part of
  quantum TGD and I dare believe of quantum theory in general: the only manner
  I know to realize this is quantum states as quantum histories identification.

  An alternative interpretation is that quantum states in some sense provide
  representation for the classical aspects of the world. Ehrenfest theorem stating
  that averages for observables obey classical equations suggests this.
  In TGD "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" principles statingg that the
  concepts related to the quantum dynamics by quantum jumps at the level of
  configuration space of three-surfaces correspond to the
  concepts of the dynamics of classical spacetime surface, realizes the same idea.

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