[time 1044] The Un-logic

ca314159 (ca314159@bestweb.net)
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 22:57:02 -0800

Dear Stephen, Hitoshi and all,

Stephen Paul King quoted:
> But there must be some bounds on how rich a repertoire of hidden
> properties can be ascribed to spacetime.

What happens when space-time topology is 'paradoxical' like
a Moebius strip or a Klein bottle ? Is it an "illogical"
space-time ?

Space-time is a map of events which may have both causual
(logical and dependant) and acausual (or analogical;
correlated) relationships.

A 'poem' written especially for Hitoshi:

* Analogy, the Un-logic

 I'm never completely wrong, because I'm never completely certain.

 Therefore, within my uncertainty; I am somewhat right,
 even when I'm wrong.

 It's a logical loophole you see. It's an analogy.

 It allows me to win alittle, even when I loose alot;
 which is always better than loosing everything.

 That's how life survives, even when it dies.



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