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Dear Robert and All,

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Subject: [time 1044] The Un-logic

> Dear Stephen, Hitoshi and all,
> Stephen Paul King quoted:
> > But there must be some bounds on how rich a repertoire of hidden
> > properties can be ascribed to spacetime.
> What happens when space-time topology is 'paradoxical' like
> a Moebius strip or a Klein bottle ? Is it an "illogical"
> space-time ?

I think the Goedel's space-time is an example of such an illogical space-time.
Koichiro refers to it as follows in his paper "Emergent Phenomena OF Time in
Quantum Mechanics" at

> Relational aspect latent in what one calls globally synchronous
> time is already implicit in general relativity. The presence of
> closed timelike curves in the realm of general relativity discovered
> by G$BčE(Bel (1949) suggests that unless globally synchronous time is
> constrained internally, the forward causation along a closed timelike
> curve would come to destroy the causation itself when it returned
> to the younger stage while rounding the closed curve in the
> forward direction. That is the grandfather paradox, referring
> to the scenario that, for instance, a boy travels into the past
> and shoots his grandfather at a time before he became father,
> ending up with no such boy traveling into the past in the first
> place (Earman, 1995). Although this paradox may look almost nothing
> but a science fiction, it is quite pedagogical in pointing out the
> possibility that globally synchronous time conceived in general
> relativity as a self-contained theoretical framework could not
> remain internally consistent in itself. General relativity may
> require some additional constraints in order to remain consistent
> even in its theory alone. Globally synchronous time in general
> relativity can be relational in observing the global self-consistency
> at the same time.The likelihood of globally synchronous time
> being relational is thus both empirical and theoretical. We shall
> first examine a relational underpinning of globally synchronous
> time in the empirical domain, because an empirical discourse can
> minimize intrusion of theoretical artifacts.

This space-time looks like a concretion of Moebius strip/Klein bottle.

> Space-time is a map of events which may have both causual
> (logical and dependant) and acausual (or analogical;
> correlated) relationships.
> A 'poem' written especially for Hitoshi:

Thanks a lot.

> * Analogy, the Un-logic
> I'm never completely wrong, because I'm never completely certain.
> Therefore, within my uncertainty; I am somewhat right,
> even when I'm wrong.
> It's a logical loophole you see. It's an analogy.

I hope I have been staying in this uncertainty region. This would be certainly a
"logical loophole."

> It allows me to win alittle, even when I loose alot;
> which is always better than loosing everything.
> That's how life survives, even when it dies.

Yes, I hope my ideas could survive in spite of much loss accompanied...

Thanks for your consideration.

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