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Alternate View Column AV-57
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  Hi Stephen and all,

  The webpage about neutrino mystries which you sent, dates back to 1992.
  After that a lot has happened.

  a) The tachyon theory of tritium beta decay anomaly, about which the article
  talks about , is dead and buried. The value of negativ emass squared of tachyon
  turned out to depend on experiment. The most remarkable finding, more than one year
  old is that tritium beta decay anomaly has periodic variation of one year. Weak interactions
  couple somehow with the physics of planetary system! Completely absurd from the point
  of view of standard model. (classical Z^0 fields!).

  b) Solar neutrino anomaly is also established experimentally: laboratory simulation
  for the detection efficiency was done and it was found that neutrino deficit cannot be due
  to poor detection efficiency. In 1992 situation was not yet clear.

  I would like to explain the mechanism but I am simply too tired to do it now!
  Have been very intensive day(;-). The explanation is in the chapter
  "TGD and nuclear physics" of "TGD and p-adic numbers"


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