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I forward a message sent to antigrav group about technical affairs.
How to build technology of enlightment(;-).

> Dear Berkant,
> can I find precise data about Schumann resonance? What kind of mode
> of em field Schumann resonances represent? I have seen the claim that
> excitation of magnetic field is in question. I guess that
> the mode represents magnetic field with field lines running much
> like the field lines of dipole field (along phi=constant
> circles) but this is guesswork.
> Second question is about physicist R. Becker who discovered body DC
> fields. Does anyone know what these fields precisely are?
> ************
> The reason I am interested is that the frequencies of Schumann resonance
> correspond to same frequency range as EEG waves. Alfa, which
> dominates during meditation, corresponds to the lowest Schumann
> Neuroscientist Michael Persinger has done pioneering work in studying the
> effect of
> magnetic oscillations on human brain. It is known that oscillating
> fields with
> frequency of 8 Hz can generate altered states of consciousness
> and mystic expereinces. Infrasounds at second harmonic
> of Schumann resonance can generate all kinds
> of spooky experiences. There are even devices generating mystic
> sounds with frequency difference about 10 Hz are fed to ears to achieve
> this.
> ************
> I try to explain briefly what this has to do with TGD
> inspired theory of consciousness.
> 1. Self hierarchy
> a) TGD inspired theory of consciousness predicts entire hierarchy of
> selves.
> Each self experiences its subselves as mental images which are
> abstractions about experiences of subselves. We are only part
> of this self hierarchy extending up to infinity.
> b) We are only part of time awake since our short term memory lasts
> few seconds. The rest of time we would be entangled with
> some larger self: family, social group,
> and it seems, Mother Gaia! This entanglement
> seems to be a generalization of biofeedback. For instance,
> biofeedback can occur between mother Gaia, between us and
> our neurons, between cell and its microtubules, etc... Even between
> us and DNA as found. During entanglement the higher self would
> communicate all kinds of information to our brain and make possible
> our long term memories, which are short term memories from the point of
> view of higher self.
> c) Two questions.
> d1) What is the physical and geometric realization of the self hierarchy?
> d2) What is the physical/geometric realization for entanglement and
> communication between selves belonging at different levels
> of hierarchy?
> ***********
> 2. Topological field quantization and electromagnetic Mother Gaia
> a) Topological field quantization
> In TGD framework nearby classical em fields are represented as webs of
> flux tubes (3-surfaces) whereas radiation part of fields is represented
> "massless
> extremals" representing classical photon and gravitons. This kind of
> topological quantization of classical fields is basic characteristic of
> induced gauge field
> concept and provides essentially topological representation for
> the Feynmann diagrams in terms of topology of 3-surfaces.
> This kind of quantization is extremely desired since it provides
> connection between Fock space description and
> topological description of particles. Feynmann diagrams indeed
> have classical counterparts.
> b) Biostructures<--> condensations of matter around topological field
> It is tempting to regard biostructures as ordinary matter topologically
> condensed
> around various magnetic and electric topological field quanta such as
> electric
> or magnetic flux tubes (microtubules,
> collagen fibers) and shell like structures (cell membranes).
> c) Electromagnetic Mother Gaia as topological quantized em field
> of Earth.
> Electromagnetic Mother Gaia can be identified as topologically quantized
> classical em field of Earth, topologically extremely complicated
> "Indira's net", conscious self taking care of her chilren!
> **********
> 3. How to communicate with electromagnetic Mother Gaia?
> a) Entanglement<-->touching of 3-surfaces
> The obvious guess for the geometric correlate of entanglement
> and communication is that the 3-surfaces representing the
> selves geometrically form join along boundaries contacts: that is
> form a connected 3-surface temporarily (this is nothing but touching!).
> Connectedness is the geometric correlate for quantum entanglement.
> b) How to " get in touch" with electromagnetic Mother Gaia
> Formation of contacts between spacetime sheets representing our selves
> and the flux tubes and other structures of electromagnetic Mother Gaia
> makes possible entanglement and communication between
> "our" self and electromagnetic Mother Gaia. In generic case
> two spacetime sheets in 8-dimensional spacetime
> have discrete number of stable intersection points.
> These intersection points give rise to topological sum contacts.
> If second surface is excited so that it oscillates with large
> amplitude, the number of intersection points is expected
> to increase if second surface describes more or less stationary
> 3-surface. This would explain why Schumann frequencies
> are especially effective in generating contacts between parts
> of brain and electromagnetic Mother Gaia.
> c) Concrete realization of brain-Mother Gaia contact
> Flux quantization argument gives that the diameter
> of flux tube of Earth's magnetic field is about 10^(-5) meters
> and same order of magnitude as the thickness of
> largest bilayered structures of brain (for instance,
> so called ocular dominances columns in cortex)
> which could be identifiable as the most evolved
> level of our self.
> It is known that frontal lobes are unstable under
> by magnetic perturbations and it is tempting
> to guess that frontal lobes, couple strongly with
> Mother Gaia. This results in electric brain storms
> called microseizures, nonvisible epilepsies.
> Persinger claims that religious leaders are often
> epileptics.
> d) Electromagnetic Mother Gaia indeed seems to act like
> loving mother. For instance, birds and bees navigate
> magnetically. Presumably they use as guidelines magnetic
> flux tubes of Earth. People having ability of healing
> are reported to emit 10 Hz em fields more strongly
> than average people. I saw even a claim
> that incoherence in Earth's magnetic field
> causes wars! Thunderstorms affect strongly
> the field components at Schumann frequencies
> and everyone knows how thunderstorms affect
> general well being.
> e) D=8 is special!
> Note: D= 8 for imbedding space is unique from the point of
> view of consciousness. For D>=8 two 4-surfaces have no stable
> intersection points and we would have no long term memory
> if the proposed vision is correct! Note also
> that topologically quantized counterparts of Feynmann
> diagrams result only in dimension D=8.
> **********
> To sum up, what makes this so fascinating is that it suggests direct
> technology of enlightment using magnetic fields and
> sounds with frequencies resonating with electromagnetic
> Mother Gaia! The first rudiments of this technology already exist!
> It seems that experimentalists are always quicker than theoreticians:
> Mother Gaia seems to like these blind sleepwalkers very much!
> ***********
> References
> The following ALTAVISTA research gives information about Schumann
> sonance"&stq=10
> Tony Smith has nice page about Schumann resonances
> http://www.innerx.net/personal/tsmith/Schumann.html#earth
> The folllowing sites relate to Persinger's work.
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> http://moebius.psy.ed.ac.uk/theories.html
> The following cite is about Spooky Acoustics
> http://www.parascope.com/articles/slips/fs30_2.htm.
> With Best Regards,
> MP

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