[time 1077] Re: [time 1076] p-Adic evolution, Cambrian explosion, emergence of vertebrates, modular structure of cortex

Matti Pitkänen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
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> Dear Matti,
> It occurs to me that the identification of organic evolution with
> p-adic evolution would predict that there would be strong morphological
> similarities between creatures in different locations throughout the
> Universe. This would suggest that we should expect extraterrestrial
> entities to be very similar to us.

Precisely. Structures with same scales would appear everywhere. Only
would differ. Probably the basic columnar structures of
cortex would be very similar since they are very regular.

> Might the universality of primes give a means to create a universal
translator for
communication purposes?

Perhaps! Certainly a good manner to open the discussion is to be sent is
sequences with numbers of pulses coming as primes(;-)!

By the way, the message I sent contained the usual mistakes characteric for
first great confusiasism: in this state of mind one should not perform
estimates. Amusingly, I looked old text written for 6-7 years ago and
found that I had already then made identification of p-adic length scales
in brain length scales in much more precise manner! I am getting old!

The only new elements were the idea of coupling the length
scales with breakthroughs in evolution and the observation about Cambrian
evolution and possible explanation for the emergence of verterbrates.

What is also important that the length scale range relevant to brain
contains *incredibly many twin length scales* L(k) for which k and k+2 two
are both powers of prime. These length scales differ by factor 2.
 With the exception of ***single prime*** all brainy k:s belong to
twins! Incredible. Twin length scale makes possible self uniting differing
of two subselves: this is nothing but hardware for dialectics!

List of twins:

DNA strands and helix.

Lipid layers of cell membrane and cell membrane.

Cell layer and epithelial sheet.

[Orientation columns correspond the only prime without twin in brain length

Ocular dominance columns for right and left eye and the pair formed by them.
Actually special case of similar structures associated with all sense.

Structures of size 1 cm which should combine to form structure of size 2 cm
which I cannot identify due to my miserable knowledge about neuroanatomy.
Brain halves!

After this comes a HUGE gap in the distribution of twin primes. Next
corresponds to length scale of order 3 kilometers!!

I attach a latex file which summarizes the recent view
about p-adic subneural and neural evolution at level
of length scales.


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