[time 144] Re: [time 121] RE: [time 115] On Pratt's Duality [time 81] Entropy, wholeness, dialogue, algebras

Ben Goertzel (ben@goertzel.org)
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 12:39:32 -0400

>I think here you miss the subjectivity. Who does play the tournament games?
>Who does decide the darwinian group selection? Or Who does divide the universe
>into material and cognitive spacetimes. Or whose body and mind are you
>discussing? Who does make the step-wise adaptation? I think there is no model
>valid without specifying for whom/which the model is.

Each macroscopic system is its own subjectivity, dividing the universe into
In and Out, or if you prefer, Mind and Reality
(I identify Mind with the collection of patterns in the system, not with the
system itself)

The collection of subjectivities combine (by some kind of Feynman sum?) to form
the intersubjectivity that we call Objective Reality

Or, this is the World According to Ben ;)


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