[time 964] LaTex version of my paper

Sun, 31 Oct 1999 21:42:43 EST


I completed a conversion of my report, "A Many-Worlds Wave-Object Paradigm
for Quantum Inertia and Qunatum Gravity", to LaTex format. The section
'A priori Notions of Change', is the addition based on discussions with this
I need comments only on this section, but if you would be so kind as to
on other sections, I would be honored. The download page is at:


I had expected that the DVI file would include my BMP figures, but this does
not seem to be happening (??). Therefore, the BMP files need to be
downloaded too. The dlpage is a copy of Hitoshi's download page, as I am
not skilled at HTML. Form and function comments are invited as well.

My computer is protected by Norton Utilities, so please don't fear corrupting
your computer with my files. I will have PS and PDF versions when I figure
out how to include my figures in them. My Tex installation is called MikTex.


Bill Eshleman

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