[time 782] Re: [time 778] Noumenon and Phenomenon

Sat, 18 Sep 1999 01:19:02 EDT

> > By instantaneous I mean, in your case, that a GR deflection is immediately
> > followed by an appropriate QM deflection propagated faster than light
> > (or infinite) speed, and vice versa for a QM deflection.

> This would be rephrased as a consistency requirement for the inside and the
> outside. If any delay existed, consistency would be lost. In this sense,
> this
> FTL requirement seems to be the same as Leibniz' "pre-established harmony"
> that would explain the windowless monads behave in harmony with the

I am now wondering whether I need another feature for the noumenon...
i.e., a function describing the relationship between the independent axes.
Everett would essentially put in the identity function y=x so that
a majority of other worlds would be nearly identical to our world. My call
for instantaneousness would then mean that y=f(x) and x=finverse(y) would
happen immediately or the equivalence would not be. Yes, I think that
a function of (x,y) pairs should be part of the noumenon; especially since
all of you probably thought it was? Is this a breakthru or breakdown?



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